Blast on, to have a good time, to really enjoy oneself. Blast off! Add positive energy to body and mind.


Spiraling upward, from a form; a morning torso lying in the scenery of loose pavement, sidewalks stacked with piles of bin bags on top of each other, ready for transportation. Tracing pedestrian tan lines within shopping centers with buildings that have already been standing since 1555. The shifting identity with hidden burns, puncture marks of erosion, and renovative gestures leave them estranged from their original being.


Blast on, to have a good time, to really enjoy oneself, Blast off. Add positive energy to body and mind.


From a form; an asphalt road next to a cultivated dune, connected to a bed & breakfast a bit further on. The Waal on the other side contains waves formed by passing cargo ships, while being able to hear their low humming engines consonant with the tones created by the passing highway to enter the city. Metal framework becoming dominant polyvalent structures over volatile natures as it houses many birds, mainly doves, falcons, and Storch nests during the spring season. Trees are rendered obsolete as these structures take on a supporting role, revealing the interplay of forms and forces that animate the artificial tendencies to become natural.


"Blast on, blast off!" was formed by a series of gatherings of visual information, photography, small fractions of writings & print during a one-week residency at Extrapool, Nijmegen, which resulted in a site-specific installation presented at Destillaat #24 group show.


The uncovered wallpaper was already present at Extrapool.