This exhibition was a part of the groups how 'Myspace'' at Kunstpodium-T a group show formed together with; Vytautas Kum┼ża, Eline Boerma, Esmee van Zeeventer & Giorgia Lo Faso


Creating a common space for physical collaboration can be a challenging task, especially in today’s contemporary world where meetings often take place over video conferencing, phone lines can get cut off, and text can get lost on the internet.
To address these challenges, we have reimagined the building that houses Kunstopdium-T into several distinct spaces, each representing the different characteristics that support shared methodologies of work.


A quiet space
that combines research with certain feelings and tendencies between suspended time, extrapolation, contemplation, and reimagination, to explore new ideas and paths.
You might encounter debris, memories of images, notes, bricks, crates, bulb lamps, and other resources that inspire and inform a certain process.


A works-in-progress
dimension as well as a more polished end defined space provides a glimpse into the mental and material elements that converge as we construct our scenario.


A Nonlinear time
by adopting five different practices, we have been trying to embrace multiple spaces and time frames simultaneously, instead of adhering to a linear concept of time.