To fill a potential space with dandelions.

An analogy for evaporating clouds.


A multitude to multiply to get lost in.
with a growing potential of: Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten thousands, Hundred thousands,
Millions, Billions, Trillions, Quadrillions, Quintillions, Sextillions, Septillions, Octillions, Nonillions,Decillions, Undecillions, Duodecillions, Tredecillions, Quatttuor decillions, Quindecillions, Sexdecillions, Septen-decillions, Octodecillions, Novemdecillions, Vigintillions, Centillions

To grow & spread over seasons through years.
Seeds to be thought as unlimited thoughts or objects pushed forward by words, vibrating through air. Taken out of their original context,
condensed & capsuled in sperate see through boxes postponing their opportunity of leaving it’s host to spread and continue its potential cycle of multiplying into many new.

An Analogy for Evaporating clouds, viruses, particles, your spam inbox, dander, dust, data leaks, landslides, Satellite images, confetti, debris, soil, lego, magnets, myscelium, steam, dust on a windowsill, cat hairs, a house of cards, woven carpets, fibres, clay, pigments, granules, sentences, , , ,and so on and etcetera