Benjamin Schoones (M, He/Him, Boxtel 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist, mainly focusing on sculpture, installation, and painting.


"Kick Kick, take a dip!" At first, I was afraid, but now excited, to think twice as much, to make everything fit.


Sometimes, it is not necessarily about what can ultimately be seen, but also about the previous actions and methods that have been needed to get where we are. How do objects and materials appear in a certain way to make structures visible? Questioning and uncovering these existing structures and making connections in the multitude of things, in such a way that we can outline and emphasize them in a visual character.


In a constant interaction of rearrangement, juxtaposing, revising, and repeating certain actions, it raises questions and materialistic interactions that may cause a little tension before we get along. The objects and material sometimes need rearrangement or repetitive handling for new interactions, a place to be archived, concealed, and conserved, but it also needs a moment of space so new objects can take their role into the interplay. This questions the constant changing hierarchies and interactions within these materials and if the executive person of the handling cannot be seen as a material or object too, alongside all other current factors happening at that certain moment?



2024: Wachten op Godot
's-Hertogenbosch, NL
Group exhibition 


2024: Heavy Foldable Table
Breda, NL
Group exhibition at Club Solo


2024: Elastic Saliva
Landshut, DE 
Duo exhibition with Mike Anna at Neue Galerie Landschut


2024: Room to Bloom
Rotterdam, NL 
Duo performance at Roodkapje in collaboration with Natalija Gucheva


2024: Yellow Cube; Soundcheck
Breda, NL 
Duo exhibition/installation with Fenna Koot at IDFX


2024: In Every Cacophony There is Harmony 
Rotterdam, NL 
Group exhibition & open studios MFA Piet Zwart Institute


2024; In short, my arms are sore. annex; yet, I'm laying folded.
's-hertogenbosch, NL
Solo exhibition at HKK


2024;  one day takeover Carte Blanche 
Schiedam, NL
Guerrilla group show in closing for Anne Wenzel's exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam


2023: Cosmovisions
Brussels, BE
Duo Performance at Medusa Offspace in collaboration with Natalija Gucheva


2023: May I Ask For Your Assistance
Rotterdam, NL
Group exhibition at Neck of the Woods III


2023: Part of an Ensemble XLI carriers
Berlin, DE 
Group exhibition at gallery Klemm's


2023: Bossche Bol Bol 
's-Hertogenbosch, NL 
Group exhibition


Finalist - Online group exhibition by Galerie Biesenbach


2023: A/M #4
Tilburg, NL
Group exhibition at Kunstpodium-T

2023: Destillaat #24
Nijmegen, NL
Group exhibition at extrapool


2022: It is part XXXII of an ensemble, and this ensemble is no longer necessarily ceremonial (like ducks in a pond, breaking bad, naipatta)

Tilburg, NL

Networked Collective at Museum De pont


2022: It is part XXX of an ensemble, and this ensemble is no longer necessarily ceremonial

Sint-Martens-Latem, BE

Networked Collective at Museum Dhondt Dhaenens


2022: Dimensions of Settlement,

Art Week Rotterdam, NL.

Group exhibition at Neck of the Woods III


2022: Recipes for Disaster,


Breda, NL

Group exhibition at IDFX


2022: Lutherse Kerk,


Breda, NL

Group exhibition


2022: Wegens Omstandigheden is er Momenteel Geen Titel.

Eindhoven, NL

Group exhibition at De Fabriek


2022: You Me, You,

Rotterdam, NL

Group exhibition at Neck of the Woods III


2022: Place to Be!

Naarden, NL

Group exhibition at Galerie Pouloeuff


2021: Envision this is part XXXVII of an ensemble that is no longer necessarily ceremonial,

The Hague, NL

Networked Collective; Jam session at Dürst Britt & Mayhew


2021: BUT Film Festival

Breda, NL

Performance in collaboration with Mike Anna & Savannah Bredow


2021: Combinatietonen

Breda, NL

Exhibition, film & performance in collaboration with Mike Anna at IDFX


Sometimes, something that is a carrier needs to be carried as well.


Sculptural, painted, and found elements can be brought together in different and changing formations. A formal-informal fluid process with elements in constant motion sometimes solidifies in temporary structures and temporal installations. Where objects can either show changing tendencies to be either supportive or restraining. This way of working allows me to have opportunities for rest, reflection, and contingent benefits that continue to move the practice forward.


Benjamin Schoones (Boxtel, 1993) living & working in Breda, The Netherlands

2023 - 2025      Master of Fine Arts, Piet Zwart Institue, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

2018 - 2022       Bachelor of Arts, St.Joost Breda, The Netherlands (graduated, with honours)

2020 - 2021       Minor Arts & Humanity St.Joost Breda, The Netherlands (hons)

2012 – 2017        Media Design, Sint Lucas, Boxtel, The Netherlands



2021: It is part XXI of an ensemble, and this ensemble is no longer necessarily ceremonial.

Breda, NL

Networked Collective


2020: Art Rendez Vouz weekend

Breda, NL

Solo performance at IDFX


2020: de}weg}gaans}week}

Breda, NL

Daily rotating exhibition due to the closure of our collective space.


2020: BUT Film Festival,

Breda, NL

Performance in collaboration with Savannah Bredow & Mike Anna.





2022: 6-week workshop at ArtEZ Arnhem.

Latent Commons, Collective Making module.

Networked Collective




2022 - 2023 Ceramic assistant for Anne Wenzel. Projects; Carte Blanche Stedelijk Museum Schiedam & Razzia Monument Rotterdam


2021 – current; It's a Part of (FKA networked Collective)


2021 – current: Slub Colo at Club Solo

student events; Exhibitions & Performances.

Producer teaser videos for solo Exhibtions.



2022 – Draaimolen festival

Tilburg, NL

Co-audio mixing & mastering

Performance installation ‘’Transcending Bodies’’  


2021 – International Vocalist Concours

‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL

Sculpture concept chosen & realized.

Shown at Het Noord-Brabants Museum & Verkadefabriek



2021 - Witte Rook, Breda

2018 - Make, Eindhoven



2021 Opencall International Vocalis Concours 's-Hertogenbosch 









Metropolis M ; St.Joost Breda, Graduation Show

Internationaal Vocalisten Concours Den Bosch komende jaren aangekleed met werk van studenten kunstacademie

IVC gaat samenwerking aan met AVK | St. Joost in ’s-Hertogenbosch

IVC bundelt de krachten met AVK | St. Joost in Den Bosch

Benjamin Schoones krijgt eerste opdracht tot vervaardigen kunstwerk LiedDuo

Internationaal Vocalisten Concours Den Bosch komende jaren aangekleed met werk van studenten kunstacademie